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Pruning is an integral part of proper tree maintenance. There are many pruning techniques and trimming tips that can help you give an excellent shape to your trees. With proper knowledge and equipment, it’s possible to prune trees as required to refine their appearance and maintain their health. Pruning is also important to remove dead branches that are potentially dangerous and other commonly occurring issues.

If you have a tree that needs pruning, it’s always best to seek the help of professional arborists. However, if you have some experience of doing such activities and want to perform the job yourself, it’s important to know the right techniques. If you simply want to educate yourself on tree maintenance, pruning tips and techniques are a piece of valuable information to attain.

Tree Pruning – Amazing Tree Trimming Tips & Techniques

It’s true that there are numerous tree trimming tips and techniques already out there. However, many people fail to even follow the basics when it comes to tree trimming. Have a look at these amazing tree trimming tips for the year 2018.

It’s a fact that if you’re aware with the fundamentals of tree trimming, then you can perform the majority of work by yourself. There is a wide range of some amazing trimming tips that can help keep your trees in an absolute fit condition.

With the correct information and gear, you can trim your trees, which is important to keep up their appearance and wellbeing and to wipe out possibly unsafe dead branches and other basic issues. Have a look at these amazing tree trimming tips for the year 2018.

  • It’s quite often best to trim a tree amid its inactive season. Despite the fact that you can actually trim a pine tree whenever you wish, it is still better to do the trimming when it is an inactive stage. The only special case is the point at which a risk exists.
  • You need to be careful and be aware with the length of the branch you’re planning to expel.
  • If it is less than 5cm in width, evacuating the branch is absolutely fine. If it is around 5cm to 10cm in width, then you shouldn’t try to do the job yourself. If it is more than 10cm in width, you should only do it if there’s an emergency or you have the skills to complete the job.
  • Just trim branches that have frail, V-design, and narrow edges. Hold branches that have solid, U-design edges. Remember, straight branches ought to be between 50% and 75% the width of the stem at the joint. Else, they ought to be evacuated.
  • When trimming is finished, the proportion of living crown to tree stature ought to be around two-thirds of the whole tree.
  • It’s better to trim the branches when they’re young, since they can be easily managed at that juncture, also the danger of leaving frightful scars is a lot lower.
  • Try not to trim a branch excessively close or too long. Also, try not to leave behind a big stub or expel collar of the branch.
  • Outstanding Tree Trimming Techniques

Check out a couple of tree trimming methods you should remember in the year 2018.

  • Search for the branch collar, before making a cut, which develops from the stem tissue at the base of the branch. Search for the branch edge, which is on the upper surface and goes parallel to the branch edge of the stem.
  • Don’t forget to cut outside the branch bark edge and make you cut in an angle that’s away from the stem. Take mind not to harm the branch neckline.
  • Utilise a similar procedure to trim dead branches and living branches.
  • If a stem is excessively long, utilise the 3-cut strategy:
  • Make a mark side of the stem that’s opposite from the branch that is being held
  • Make the 2nd cut at the centre of the branch or at the branch edge
  • The last cut will expel the stub by slicing through the stem parallel to the branch bark edge.

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