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Whether you’ve lived in Chicago for a year or a decade, you know we get our fair share of storms. With the occasional thunderstorm or snowstorm comes toppling trees. Keep reading for tips on how to properly dispose of a fallen tree.

Where To Dispose Of Fallen Trees

Factors such as frost and decay can cause you to have a newly fallen tree to clean up. You may be wondering, therefore, where to dispose of fallen trees.  There are a variety of options to choose from, and you really just need to pick the one that works best in your area. First, however, here are some things to consider.


Shockingly, some municipalities require permits for tree removal, even if the tree was not intentionally cut. In some locations, you might be instructed to set the tree by the road during a certain time of the year. Others might require you to cut up the tree and dispose of it with other natural waste. The local laws in your area will dictate how and where to dispose of fallen trees.


Make sure there are no downed power lines or nearby rushing water. When trees fall over, they can sometimes become entangled with dangerous power lines. If you think there may be a downed power line, stay indoors and call the power company immediately.


Regardless of your disposal method of choice, you will have to prepare the tree to some extent. Begin by cutting off the top branches in manageable pieces and work your way to the trunk until the tree is cut into small enough pieces that a person may carry them.


Burn it: Depending on your city codes or needs, you could keep the wood for firewood.

Sell it: If you don’t have need for firewood, someone else might. Some people use wood-burning stoves to heat their homes in the winter and are always looking for good wood to store.

Rent a dumpster: If your tree is too large to pick up, you may need to rent a small dumpster to have the tree hauled away in.

Hire a professional: Professional tree removal companies are equipped to prepare and haul away your tree. They may also be able to grind the tree up into mulch on site. You could use this mulch for landscaping or allow the workers to haul away the material.

Locate A Professional

If tree removal sounds like too large of a task for you to handle, call a professional. TalkLocal can find an expert in your area who will know exactly where to dispose of fallen trees. Our service is free and incredibly easy.

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