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Stump grinding in Townsville QLD is one of the essential post tree removal tasks required. Our expert team has been stump grinding for the people of Townsville for decades. We are your one-stop solution for everything tree-related.

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Stump Grinding Townsville – Professional Services

You know that tree stumps can be pesky, but did you also realize how much damage they do? They make your land inaccessible and uncomfortable. Luckily for homeowners in Townsville, our team at Townsville stump grinding services have been fully trained to efficiently remove all sorts of stumps from properties–including those left behind after an unfortunate event like a fallen oak or palm trees on someone’s private location! In fact we’re known as experts when it comes down to getting rid of these things because not only do trees take up valuable space with their roots deep into cracks between sidewalks/driveways etc., but old ones pose hazards too: what will happen if something else falls onto top during strong winds. Need a professional to handle your stump grinding and land clearing work – we can definitely help.

We provide obligation-free stump grinding and stump removal quotes for all of our tree services, so if you’re curious about our Townsville stump removal service, get in touch today. You can reach out to our friendly customer service team 7 days a week on (07) 4243 4100 or fill out the form 24/7 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible and provide a free quote.

What you can expect from stump grinding?

Stumps aren’t just an eyesore; they pose some serious risks. From property damage to safety concerns, it is best if you remove the stump in your yard because there are many significant reasons for doing so!

Being a homeowner, you should take this matter seriously if you do not want to jeopardize your home or put yourself and your family’s safety in harm’s way.

While everyone loves trees because of their aesthetic appeal, they are often left to grow out of control especially when the tree has been removed from its place in the ground. The problem with stumps is that they can pose a great deal of harm to your yard and anyone who uses your property.

The following are the dangers of having a tree stump in your yard:

•    Property Damage – A tree stump can damage your landscape, drainage systems, and irrigation equipment. They also damage concrete surfaces by causing cracks with their growing roots.

·     Personal Injury – A tree stump can cause people to trip and fall, particularly when you are walking through your backyard.

·     Mosquito breeding sites – Some tree species encourage mosquitoes which can lead to malaria that is potentially fatal for children or the elderly. There is also the fear that mosquitoes will spread Dengue fever in epidemic outbreaks.

Why Choose Our Stump Grinding Services?

We ensure that your tree stump removal work is completed in a timely fashion. We respond quickly to your call and perform the work within the time frame given with no exceptions. You don’t want to wait weeks listening to heavy machinery, loud sounds, and an influx of strangers at your yard for days on end. We understand the importance of time and do our work as fast as possible.

We offer competitive rates and can turn our stump grinding efforts into wood chips. The wood chips are made by finely chopping the stump by machinery that only very few of the tree companies have. Townsville Tree Lopping Services has its own chipping equipment which chips wood fast.

You can make great use of the chips. They work great as natural mulch preventing weed growth. Spread them on your garden bed and it will prevent the weed from growing. Chips can be used as firewood during a barbeque or in the winters.

We are a customer-friendly and highly ethical company. We have years of experience in stump removal and grinding techniques. We can do it the right way. We eliminate any risk and ensure the work area is left clean and tidy.

Palm Tree Stumps Look Terrible Unlike Palm Trees

Stump grinding is easy for us and one of our specialties is palm trees. chip your stump in a simple and safe way by digging around the stump a few inches under the ground then grinding it down close to the roots, so the roots disintegrate on their own.

Stump grinding is often a part of our tree removal service for trees. We’re very professional and detailed in our work and you know your land will be left clean once the tree is cut and the stump grinding is complete. That is the distinction between Townsville Tree Lopping Services’s stump grinding and other stump grinding companies. Feel free to check out our google reviews and see the feedback we have received over time.

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Stump grinding is often a part of our tree removal service for trees. We’re very professional and detailed in our work and you know your land will be left clean once the tree is cut and the stump grinding is complete. That is the distinction between Townsville Tree Lopping Services’s stump grinding and other stump grinding companies that have other fewer, less experienced workers. We congratulate ourselves on our outstanding work.


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If you’re looking for someone to take care of all your gardening needs, you cannot look past Townsville Tree Lopping services. Fantastic work.
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Outstanding job removing some palm trees on our property. They only had a tight space to work in but delivered a great result regardless. If you have a delicate situation this is your crew.
Terri Anderson
These guys are the go to for any tree works we need doing in our retirement village near Townsville. Great work guys.
Samantha Stone
Very professional job done by this crew. We had some very tight spaces and obstacles to deal with so getting the very large tree removed without any damage was a blessing. Fantastic work guys.
Dylan Chancey
Cannot fault Townsville tree lopping services. They were responsive, friendly and best of all, fitted me in earlier than expected. The guys on the day did an excellent, high quality job, with everything cleared away at the end. Special thanks to Megan who booked me in and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Cannot recommend this team highly enough.
Andrea Mitchell
A wonderful service at my mums place in Townsville. These guys did a great job and left the place very tidy.
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These guys were fantastic. Delivered a great tree service from start to finish. Kudos
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Great service provided by a highly skilled tree lopper. Peter knows his stuff and we highly recommend him.
George D'alessandro
We had a large palm tree in a very tight corner of our properly that needed removal. Peter came out and assessed the work required very well and go the job done with the minimum of ease without causing any damage or mess. Very well done
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The guys provided an excellent service at our "rental "property. We had some large trees that needed to be removed and quite a bit of land clearing as well. Great job
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