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Townsville Tree Lopping Services is a professional land clearing company that you can trust. We have worked for major corporations, government agencies, residential projects and many more.

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Professional Land Clearing Services Townsville

We have great knowledge on every aspect of land clearing from A to Z. You need a site to be prepared for infrastructure, you need land for a public event or to clean your residential yard, whatever may be the reason Townsville Tree Lopping Services is here to help. Our trained technicians are regularly updated on the new technology. They can handle heavy machinery required to clear big patches of land. We are proud of our affordable services. We have decades of experience in land clearing services, no matter what type of clearing you want we are here to help you out.

We are reputed among our peers for being highly professional in our approach. Our customers do not shy away from recommending us to anyone who needs land clearing services. We work in accordance with the industry standards. No one can match our level of expertise. When you need land clearing services who are timely, quick and efficient Tree Loppers Townsville is your answer.

Why Land Clearance Might Be Needed

Areas might need clearing for aesthetic reasons. Summer brings undergrowth, heavy bush growth in your yard or feild making it look unruly. Such growth can also be a heaven for snakes and other types of animals. We can clear your yard and make it look more organised.

You might need land clearance for fire break purposes. Fire can travel from one place to another by burning one tree after another. Clearing a patch of land can form a kind of a fire break that can prevent fire from spreading.

Land clearance is majorly done for repurposing wooded areas for infrastructure. Preparation of building sites also involves cleaning up of the ground before work can begin. Whether it’s for building a new school, hospital or any other infrastructure, lands might need clearance and who can do it better than us?

We can remove dead wood from tree removal or storm damage. We will bring all our machinery to the site and perform necessary actions, like turning the dead wood into mulch. Grinding shrubs, twings, bushes into chips.

We can clear wooded areas for road development. If a road needs to pass a area that is heavily wooded, it might need strategic land clearance.

We Are Environmentally Conscious

Townsville Tree Lopping Services might be a tree removal company but we are environmentally conscious. Our team of expert arborists advise us on all the ways we can minimise the damage on trees. We remove trees only when it is absolutely necessary. We also take part in tree plantation and donate money to tree planting projects. Our team is mindful of not harming a tree which doesn’t need removal during the land clearing process. We will need to ensure that you have gotten all necessary clearances from the appropriate local council or authority before we can begin clearing any land. Before we can start clearing the ground, we will need to ensure that you have all the required approval from the relevant local council or authority. We ensure we are not removing endangered plant species.

Service areas:

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Tree Lopping Currajong
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Tree Lopping Hermit Park
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No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Us

Our qualified and experienced land clearing professionals can complete any sized land clearing project. We can easily handle a large site preparation as well as smaller residential jobs. All waste is recycled into forest mulch. We highly qualified Arborist’s work with property developers to assess land clearing projects, providing the best advice to achieve the desired outcome, while ensuring Council requirements are met.  Failure to meet Council regulations can result in unnecessary delays and greater expense. As part of the planning process, an Arborist report is necessary to ensure that trees have been taken into consideration when clearing property. Our experienced and qualified land clearing specialists can complete any land clearing project of any scale. We can accommodate both a broad site planning as well as smaller residential work with ease. Both waste is recycled into mulching trees.

We provide highly qualified Arborist’s work with property developers in assessing land clearing schemes, providing the best recommendations for achieving the desired result, while ensuring that Council requirements are met. Failure to comply with Council legislation will lead to unnecessary delays and increased expenses. An Arborist report is provided as part of the planning process to ensure that trees have been taken into account when clearing land.


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Emma Smith
If you’re looking for someone to take care of all your gardening needs, you cannot look past Townsville Tree Lopping services. Fantastic work.
Rebecca Long
Outstanding job removing some palm trees on our property. They only had a tight space to work in but delivered a great result regardless. If you have a delicate situation this is your crew.
Terri Anderson
These guys are the go to for any tree works we need doing in our retirement village near Townsville. Great work guys.
Samantha Stone
Very professional job done by this crew. We had some very tight spaces and obstacles to deal with so getting the very large tree removed without any damage was a blessing. Fantastic work guys.
Dylan Chancey
Cannot fault Townsville tree lopping services. They were responsive, friendly and best of all, fitted me in earlier than expected. The guys on the day did an excellent, high quality job, with everything cleared away at the end. Special thanks to Megan who booked me in and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Cannot recommend this team highly enough.
Andrea Mitchell
A wonderful service at my mums place in Townsville. These guys did a great job and left the place very tidy.
Allison Mannell
These guys were fantastic. Delivered a great tree service from start to finish. Kudos
Amanda Hartley
Great service provided by a highly skilled tree lopper. Peter knows his stuff and we highly recommend him.
George D'alessandro
We had a large palm tree in a very tight corner of our properly that needed removal. Peter came out and assessed the work required very well and go the job done with the minimum of ease without causing any damage or mess. Very well done
Cynthia Sullivan
The guys provided an excellent service at our "rental "property. We had some large trees that needed to be removed and quite a bit of land clearing as well. Great job
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