Palm trees are a popular choice for homeowners who want to find that perfect tropical feel, but they can also be a pain to remove. If you have one in your yard that is too close to the house or other plants, it might start being more trouble than it’s worth. But removing a palm tree isn’t always simple – there are many factors involved when deciding whether to remove the tree or not. For example, how much does it cost? How do I remove the tree myself? Here is an article with all of the information you need about removing palm trees!

How To Cut Down A Palm Tree?

You probably think that cutting down a palm tree seems like an impossible task, right? Well, it’s not as hard as you might have thought. Let’s walk through the steps of how to remove your own palm tree in just three easy-to-follow stages!

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Stage One: Prepare Yourself for Palm Tree Removal

Prepare yourself by picking up some gloves and safety glasses before getting started with this process. This will ensure that you are protected from any sharp objects or debris falling around when cutting your palm tree down. Safety first is always key so play it safe out there! Make sure to bring along all tools necessary which can include; ropes, chainsaws, pruning shears (for smaller palms), shovels/picks and tree chippers.

Stage Two: How To Cut A Palm Tree – Find The Right Angle

Before you begin, make sure to remove any obstacles that may be in your way and mark where the palm tree will stand using chalk or spray paint (this is very important). Once everything has been marked out and all safety precautions have been taken into consideration, remove objects such as rocks from around the base of your palm tree. Take a look at which direction the majority of leaves are growing; this can help determine what angle you should cut down your palm tree with (the top needs to easily fall over away from structures/homes etc.). For example, if most of the leaves grow towards North then cutting straight would likely cause the top half to fall in the direction of South.

How To Remove Palm Tree Instructional Video – 5mins

Stage Three: How To Cut A Palm Tree – Where to Cut?

Once you have decided on an angle, remove any branches from around where you will be cutting your palm tree down. Make sure that there is nothing underneath it which could get damaged and remove some dirt away from around the base (this makes for a much easier cut). Now choose one side of the trunk and start sawing! You can either use a chainsaw or pruning shears but make sure you keep them as close to the trunk as possible while still being able to remove it completely. If using a chainsaw then cut up into the palm tree about 12 inches deep; this should ensure that everything falls correctly when removed.

how to remove a palm tree

How To Cut Down A Palm Tree Without A Chainsaw?

Many people are not equipped with power tools like chainsaws to remove palm trees because it’s usually too dangerous or time-consuming. Fortunately, there is an easier way to do this without the use of a chainsaw repeated horizontal cuts with an axe.

How To Cut Down A Palm Tree With An Axe?

This method is best for smaller palms, as you will only need to make about three or four cuts before the entire palm falls down on its own. For larger palms, it may take more than one cut per every two inches of trunk diameter at the base of your palm tree. You should aim to remove any foliage along with cutting through the lower branches within 20 feet of where you are standing because this will help decrease how far they fly when they fall.

Also, remember that during certain seasons like summertime droplets from these types of trees have probably accumulated in their fronds and leaves which makes them very slippery! Take caution while stepping around so nothing happens to anyone – especially by accident!

How To Cut Down A Palm Tree In Sections

Start the cut on the opposite side of the notch of the tree, 1 inch above the hinge of the notch. Cut through the trunk until it begins to fall toward the notch. Back away from the tree quickly and announce that the tree is falling. making a deep cut in the tree trunk.

Start the cut by making a deep cut in the tree trunk. The first section of your work will be to remove this large initial piece along with its root ball and mud that holds it together. There are many ways you can do this, depending on how much experience you have cutting down trees or what tools you have for doing so. If possible, take out as big an area as is safe for you to tackle alone because if there’s too much weight above ground, things could get dangerous fast! Again, use common sense when working around power lines Рthey should always remain off while anything heavy is being moved about overhead regardless.

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How To Cut Down A Queen Palm Tree

Queen Palms are not very large trees, but they can provide a nice focal point to any landscape. They grow quickly and require little maintenance once established. If you remove the palm tree yourself, it is important that you know how to remove one properly so as not to damage anything around it (i.e., power lines). The process of removing a queen palm is easier than some other trees because of its lightweight; however, there are still safety precautions that must be taken into account before beginning work with your chainsaw or saws-all.

Safety equipment includes gloves and glasses. You should also wear long sleeves and pants for protection from the tree’s sharp needles. In addition, make sure your yard is clear of any objects that could be damaged by falling debris such as children’s toys. The last thing anyone wants after the process of removing a queen palm tree has been completed is to begin cleaning up only to find out something was broken during removal efforts! Also keep in mind that if you have other plants around the base of the palm, remove them before cutting down the tree.

This is to ensure that you are not working against yourself by removing other plants around it and then having to do extra work after removal efforts have been completed. It also reduces the risk of damage during removal because everything else has already been removed from underneath where debris could fall onto. Once this is done, remove any dirt or mulch at least one foot out so as to avoid getting sawdust on anything below it when using a chainsaw. Make sure there is enough room for your saws-all blade under the base of queen palm too! You’ll want about three feet above ground level and two feet below ground level for proper usage.

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Down A Palm Tree

Palm trees can be very expensive and difficult to remove. When you need palm tree removal or a palm tree removed, we remove the trunk so it doesn’t cause an obstruction for road traffic and powerlines. Townsville Tree Lopping Services has many options available depending on what type of vegetation is growing in your garden as well as how thick they are.

If you want to remove a small palm tree that could be done with just one man using machinery like excavators, diggers. This would depend on which equipment our teams have available at the time too though! To remove larger palms up to 20ft high, there will need to be more than one person involved and this means working together as a team meaning additional costs due out through labor hours. For this reason, we have a minimum charge if there are going to be more than two people working on the job.

Palm tree removal cost is not cheap and can vary from $500-$1000 depending on how tall it is too! If you remove the palm by yourself or with somebody else, it’s best to remove all of them including any additional branches so they don’t fall down during high winds. Once your palms are removed check at least twice a day for fronds that might break off due to heavy rain which would require further work done in order to remove these.


When need palm tree removal or a palm tree removed, Townsville Tree Lopping Services has many options available depending on what type of vegetation is present and to what extent it needs to be cleared.

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