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Stump removal can oftentimes be overlooked when you’re focused on ridding your yard of a dangerous tree.  However, stump removal should not be the last thing you think about when it comes time to hire a professional arborist to cut down a tree.  Just like tree removal, there are many different ways to remove a stump, and sometimes that cost is not included in the initial estimate.  Below, you will find information you should know about stump removal before hiring a company.

Stump Removal Vs. Stump Grinding— Which Should You Choose?

Unless you’re planning on making DIYs seats from the stumps in your backyard, it is better to remove them completely. Not only are these an eye sore but can lead to accidents and falls if you aren’t careful.

There are two methods to remove a stump. First, you can completely remove it by digging it from its roots; second, you can grind it to mulch. Both of these have their own pros and cons.

This article walks you through each of the method’s pros and cons so you can choose which will be best for you

Stump Removal

Stump removal gets rid of the entire tree and its roots by digging a hole in the ground and removing all traces of the stump or by using chemicals known as stump killers.


The process removes the tree in its entirety. Since there is no remains of the tree’s roots, you can easily plant another tree in its place.


This process is very comprehensive and exhausting.

Moreover, this process is costly and may cost you up to $400–700. Furthermore, after the process is completed, there will be a huge hole in the ground in the place of the tree. Because the hole is another eyesore in your yard, you’d want to have it filled and this will cost you additional funds.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves whittling down the tree’s stump till it’s a complete mulch. Your arborist or tree service will use a tree grinder to remove the stump.


This process is affordable and faster than its counterpart. Stump grinding will usually cost you between $100–400. Moreover, it will take your arborist about an hour to remove the stump by grinding it into mulch.


While many people find the option suitable, there are a few downsides to it.

Firstly, the process results in a lot of sawdust. This sawdust will temporarily pollute the air and will not be safe to breathe in.

Moreover, this process grinds down the stump but leaves the roots behind. This may cause difficulty in planting another tree or other foliage in its place.

While these issues aren’t really issues for some people, for those of you who are considering replanting, or have allergy to air pollutants should consider stump removal instead.

So, Which Should You Use?

The choice of process for stump removal completely depends on what you plan to achieve.

Are you hoping to plan a new tree? Or do you want an affordable option just to remove the stump?

While grinding is a much more affordable option and is faster to execute. However, if you want complete extraction, you can go for removal. However, it will be time-consuming and costly.

You can also discuss with your tree service providers which option will be best for you. If you’re looking for stump removal services in Pleasant Hill, get in touch with The Tree Doctor. Their arborists are experts in the field and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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