Things to do in Townsville, QLD: Fun and Exciting Activities for The Whole Family

Townsville, the largest urban centre in northern Queensland, is a bustling city filled with exciting experiences. From vibrant culture and cuisine to stunning natural landscapes, there’s something for everyone here. Here are 8 of our top picks for fun and memorable activities that you can enjoy during your stay in Townsville, QLD.

Magnetic Island Round-Trip Ferry From Townsville

Magnetic Island Round-Trip Ferry From Townsville

A visit to Townsville isn’t complete without a trip to Magnetic Island – an iconic destination known for its stunning beaches and wildlife. You can take the round-trip ferry from the Breakwater Terminal, which takes only 20 minutes each way. Once you arrive, you can explore pristine bays, breathtaking lookouts and national parks as well as rock wallabies at Geoffrey Bay. Relax on one of the many golden beaches or try some water sports such as snorkelling or fishing.

For those looking for a day (or two) trip then why not take advantage of Magnetic Islands ferries and head over for some fun! Whether you want to spend the day exploring Fort Walkerville or spend your time lounging on one of their many beaches there’s something for everyone when it comes to Magnetic Island! You can even eat like royalty at one of their restaurants or cafes before heading back into town via ferry. For those wanting an aerial view opt instead for 60-minute Palm Island Scenic Helicopter Flight which guarantees an unforgettable experience with panoramic views over majestic rainforest plus spectacular ocean views along Australia’s eastern coastline.

60-Minute Palm Island Scenic Helicopter Flight from Townsville

For an unforgettable experience, opt for a scenic helicopter flight over Palm Island with Townsville scenic helicopter services. The 60-minute flight gives you an incredible view of this beautiful tropical island from the air. During your flight, you’ll get to see the sprawling coconut plantations and turquoise waters below, dotted with colourful reefs and coral cays that make this region so special. A must-do activity while visiting!

Swim in the Freshwater Creeks in Paluma Range National Park

Paluma Range National Park is one of Townsville’s most popular attractions, located just 30 minutes out of town. Here you can enjoy swimming in freshwater creeks surrounded by lush rainforest and high mountains – it truly feels like another world! Along with a dipin Little Crystal Creek or Big Crystal Creek (the two main creeks that flow through the park), there are also plenty of other great activities such as hiking through picturesque trails or touring historic sites like Paluma Village and Jourama Falls lookout point.

Go To The Museum Of Underwater Art

Located on the ocean floor off Townsville’s Strand Beach is MOUA (Museum of Underwater Art). This unique museum features 5 different artpieces created by renowned sculptors Jason deCaires Taylor and Pete Zangerie – remarkable pieces made out of pH neutral materials designed to promote coral growth around them over time.. There are also guided snorkelling tours available so visitors have the chance to explore MOUA up close while learning about marine conservation efforts being undertaken around North Queensland’s coastline. Townsville has produced some pretty impressive people over the years. From Olympians and Nobel laureates to actors and actresses, this small city in Queensland sure knows how to punch above its weight. Who else would you add to this list of famous people from Townsville, QLD? Let us know in the comments below.

Townsville By Bike

No visit to Townsville would be complete without exploring it on two wheels! Rent a bike from one of several rental stores across town then take off on a leisurely cycling tour around Strand Beachfront Promenade or Castle Hill Lookout Point for amazing views across town.. Alternatively you could hop on a guided cycling tour with Cycling North Queensland which will take you through some great suburbs around town plus some hidden gems outside the city too!

Exploring Townsville on two wheels is one of the best ways to discover this vibrant city! Whether cycling along Castle Hill Road or through Jezzine Barracks Trailhead – biking around town offers great exercise while taking in sensational sights along the way – definitely worth trying during your stay here! Not sure where to start? No worries — just book yourself into one of our daily bike tours for guidance around town which cover everything from history & culture to local wildlife & outdoor excursions – complete with knowledgeable guides who’ll show you all that Townsville has to offer!

Visit The Museum Of Tropical Queensland

The Museum of Tropical Queensland is part of James Cook University campus located near The Strand beachfront promenade. It offers visitors an unique insight into the history and culture of North Queensland with interactive displays, galleries exhibiting artefacts collected over centuries plus film screenings highlighting local Aboriginal stories.. You’ll also find live animal exhibits featuring creatures such as stonefish or giant Pacific octopus – all while learning more about our amazing Great Barrier Reef ecosystem !

Discover Queensland’s rich history at The Museum Of Tropical Queensland located inside Reef HQ Aquarium near Strand Street – packed with interactive exhibits about Australia’s past (including its indigenous heritage) plus fascinating artifacts about prehistoric marine life found throughout its surrounding waters; this informative museum provides an educational yet entertaining visit perfect for families or groups wanting an insight into this area’s past & present culture & lifestyles – not forgetting its plentiful marine species too like giant sea turtles & sharks which call Reef HQ Aquarium their temporary home.

So whether it’s relaxing on palm tree lined beaches or exploring ancient rainforests there’s something for everyone when visiting Townsville! With these 8 fun activities we’re sure you won’t be short on ideas when planning your next trip here – hope we’ve inspired some seriously epic adventures!

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