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On the contrary, too much heat can affect the growth of your trees and your landscaped yard. Even if your trees are regularly watered, the sun’s scorching heat can dry out the leaves and eventually cause damage to the tree as well as the other unshaded areas of your yard. You can also find an arborist to help you take care of your backyard trees.

Bob Vila Radio: Hot Weather Tree Care

Not sure how to care for your trees when the temperature rises? Ponder these tips to keep your trees hydrated and happy from roots to canopy.

Hot weather can really take a lot out of a person… and out of a tree as well. That’s why it’s important to take special care of your trees when temperatures soar. Here’s what to do to keep your leafy friends healthy all summer long.

Tree Care

First, some basics. The ring around the base of a tree that stretches from its trunk to its outermost branches is called the dripline; this is the line that receives most of the rainwater shed by the tree’s canopy. Keep this area free of grass and weeds, and lay a two-inch covering of mulch to discourage weeds and help the tree retain moisture. Keep the mulch about six inches away from the tree trunk. The trunk’s flare—where it widens as it meets the ground—should be visible.

Trees need lots of water in hot weather, particularly very young trees. During dry, hot stretches, water young trees every week, and older trees about once a month. Don’t water too often—the soil should be saturated, not soggy—but do water deeply; shallow watering encourages shallow roots.

To water, place your hose inside the dripline and let the water trickle out slowly; move the hose several times until water has permeated the area. An alternate method is to drill a hole in a five-gallon bucket and let the water drain out slowly, refilling and moving the bucket until the area is saturated. And never water in the heat of day.

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