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Have you ever wondered how trees endure the freezing temperatures of a cold winter? Since they can’t hibernate or migrate to warmer climates, trees have developed several ways to tolerate the cold and survive to warmer spring days.

Most people don’t think about trees having to survive the winter. That’s probably because we see the same trees year after year and they tend to look pretty much the same. They are always there, silent and uncomplaining through heat and sleet and gloom of night. They are not furry, comical, or cute. They do not demonstrate athletic or predatory prowess as do the animals great and small that we admire, so it’s easy to forget about the trees in our lives. Yet they are every bit as amazing, inspiring, and tough as other life forms on earth. Just as with our furred, finned, and feathered brothers and sisters, trees have been “tested” by evolutionary fires, and their strategies for survival – their adaptations – are pure and proven genius.

Increase Winter Survival of Trees

High winds, flooding, ice and snow are weather issues gardeners and their trees confront each winterKeeping trees healthy and properly pruned can prevent storm damage.

Trees, large or small, with a strong central leader, the single trunk, and well spaced branches perpendicular to that trunk are best able to tolerate snow, ice and even hurricane strength winds.  Topping trees, by removing large branches or the top of the tree, promotes weak growth that is more prone to storm damage.

A sound root structure is critical as well. It ensures the tree can absorb needed water and nutrients, but also keeps it firmly anchored in the soil. Trees whose roots have been damaged, removed or buried are the ones more likely to fall over in highly saturated soil.

And when problems arise consult a certified arborist to alleviate hazards and determine the best course of action.

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