Trees are a valuable asset, both to private landowners and to the public at large. Well-managed trees can provide a number of benefits, including improving air quality, reducing energy costs, enhancing property values, and providing habitat for wildlife. Given the many benefits of trees, it is important to manage them in a way that maximizes their value. Tree asset management is a holistic approach that takes into account the long-term health and viability of trees. This includes maintaining proper tree care, monitoring for pests and diseases, and developing a plan for how to replant or replace trees as they reach the end of their life cycle. By taking a proactive approach to tree asset management, landowners can ensure that their trees will provide lasting value for generations to come.

Tree Asset Management – Read how to add value to your trees for long-term gains

Managed in the right way, your trees can enhance the rest of your property, becoming a valuable asset in a variety of ways. This Blog post will discuss the value that your tees can offer and how to maximize that value for many years to come.

This will enhance your house and property appeal, and increase its value over time.

The same is true for your trees. Trees can often just blend into the background and be forgotten about. That is until they present with a problem such as excess shading or a limb failure, suddenly becoming very hard to ignore.

First, I will discuss the types of value that trees have. There are several studies and research papers that have devised techniques for putting a monetary value on trees. This can be a useful tool, but all it really does is put a figure on a tree to quantify the real-world qualities that it offers.

To list a few qualities; trees provide shelter, and shade, stabilize the ground and purify the air.

Trees also beautify their environment, attract and support wildlife and can provide plenty of fruit, nuts, and timber. All of these are real-world values. Breathing clean air and having shade from a hot sun has value beyond dollars. Sub-consciously we pick up on these values that trees possess. This is why we like to be around them so much.

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Studies show that properties that have trees can fetch higher house prices linked to the benefits that the trees provide. So, whichever way you look at it, it is in your interest to look after your trees. If you have them, for the benefit of your wellbeing and your wallet.

Before I began working on trees, I naturally assumed that trees just looked after themselves. It was not until I took a closer look that I realized there was more involved. Trees need good quality tree asset management to achieve their value in the urban environment. This does not necessarily equate to lots of work. In fact, if you plant the right tree in the right place, it will require minimal intervention to become a happy, helping contributor to a community.

So, how can you maximize the value of your trees?

If starting from new, spend time devising a solid tree planting plan. We have many Tree Care Blog posts that discuss this topic in more detail. Basically, it is about selecting trees that appeal to you that are also suitable for the environment you want them to grow in. Good quality Tree Asset Management advice is also discussed. Young trees need a bit of TLC during their first years to help them on their way and promote good form and structure.

What do I do if I have inherited existing trees?

A suitably qualified and experienced Arborist will be able to advise you on the future management of existing tree stock. This can involve selecting which trees should be retained and which would be better to remove and potentially replace. Remedial works may involve various pruning methods to reduce any hazards or nuisance factors. With the aim of preserving and enhancing the beauty and quality of the trees.

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What can I do as a tree owner to help my trees? We cannot talk about the benefits of mulching a tree enough, in fact, we have several blogs about it. Well-rotted wood mulch spread around the base of your trees will benefit them in a variety of ways and help support their overall health.

Checking that your trees have adequate levels of water is also important for healthy growth. Check for summer drought and winter waterlogging and take action as required. If you are in doubt about the health or condition of your trees call an Arborist to come and assess them.

Trees have much to offer, sometimes they just need the opportunity to flourish. Managed in the right way your trees can become a valuable asset to your property for years to come.

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