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We are a full-service tree care company in Mount Louisa that provides licenced tree trimming and tree removal services.

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Mount Louisa Tree Lopping Service

Townsville Tree Lopping Services have years of experience with skilled tree trimming and removal services. Our team of experienced professionals consistently produces high-quality results, collaborating with customers to ensure that work is completed to their satisfaction while adhering to our own high standards. After all, our goal is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction, and we take pride in ensuring that this goal is met every step of the way. For more than 20 years, we’ve been serving the needs of both homeowners and businesses. When you want quality tree care in Mount Louisa, Queensland, come to us.

Tree Pruning And Maintenance

Tree Pruning & Maintenance

We use safe tree trimming and landscaping techniques that will not damage your tree. We occasionally face tough challenges, but our problem-solving skills help us deal with tree pruning and other issues. If the tree is too close to your house, for example, we take extra precautions to avoid damaging your roof during the pruning process. If the tree is located in an area with a lot of foot traffic, we make sure to clear the area for the pruning. Whatever the case may be, our sole goal is to provide you with exceptional tree services and to meet your landscaping requirements.

Palm Tree Removal And Pruning

We can remove palm trees from your Mount Louisa property. Our team has the needed equipment and the knowledge to perfectly remove palm trees from your property. We have years of experience in removing even the biggest of palm trees with ease. Give us a call when you need plam tree removal.

Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

Palm Tree Removal And Pruning

We can remove palm trees from your Mount Louisa property. Our team has the needed equipment and the knowledge to perfectly remove palm trees from your property. We have years of experience in removing even the biggest of palm trees with ease. Give us a call when you need plam tree removal.

Storm & Emergency Response

Stump Grinding

When trees are removed, stumps are left behind, which take up space and don’t look good in your yard. They may become a breeding ground for pests like ants, termites, and rats. They can be inconvenient when it comes to mowing the lawn. They can be hazardous for your children to play with. They are unsightly and detract from the beauty of your landscape. We can use specialised equipment to grind such stumps for residential or commercial projects, giving you a clean surface to work on.

Storm And Emergency Response

If you need emergency tree care we are available 24×7. Our team will answer your emergency calls quickly and respond to them promptly. We will come to remove the trees from your property if needed in an emergency, We can also cut or prune trees when needed. We have experts on call who assist you in any tree situation you are in.

Land Clearing

Our friendly land clearing specialists are here to assist you. Our team of expert tree specialists specialises in large, difficult-to-manage land, as well as expert knowledge that provides you with land-clearing skills and years of experience. When you choose our tree service company to clear your land, you can rest assured that you will receive top-notch service and excellent performance. We take pride in providing you with the best possible customer service and care. We will work with you every step of the way, giving you peace of mind in the process.

Tree Removal

Both of our arborists have been qualified to remove or cut trees in the most efficient manner possible. We make certain to take all appropriate actions to evacuate the surrounding area and use proper equipment to minimise the chances of any mishap, particularly if the tree is located on a busy street. We are certified arborists who have learned the biology and morphology of local trees. Our trained arborists are well-versed in tree removal techniques, which range from conscientious branch piecing and limb lowering to precise felling.

Townsville Tree Lopping
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About Mount Louisa

Mount Louisa is a suburban suburb in the Queensland city of Townsville. Mount Louisa is a peak in the suburb. Mount Louisa had an estimated population of 8,825 people according to the 2016 census. Places to visit in Mount Louisa are Mount Louisa Bush Walking Track, High Vista Park, Mount Stuart Lookout and many more.


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Emma Smith
If you’re looking for someone to take care of all your gardening needs, you cannot look past Townsville Tree Lopping services. Fantastic work.
Rebecca Long
Outstanding job removing some palm trees on our property. They only had a tight space to work in but delivered a great result regardless. If you have a delicate situation this is your crew.
Terri Anderson
These guys are the go to for any tree works we need doing in our retirement village near Townsville. Great work guys.
Samantha Stone
Very professional job done by this crew. We had some very tight spaces and obstacles to deal with so getting the very large tree removed without any damage was a blessing. Fantastic work guys.
Dylan Chancey
Cannot fault Townsville tree lopping services. They were responsive, friendly and best of all, fitted me in earlier than expected. The guys on the day did an excellent, high quality job, with everything cleared away at the end. Special thanks to Megan who booked me in and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Cannot recommend this team highly enough.
Andrea Mitchell
A wonderful service at my mums place in Townsville. These guys did a great job and left the place very tidy.
Allison Mannell
These guys were fantastic. Delivered a great tree service from start to finish. Kudos
Amanda Hartley
Great service provided by a highly skilled tree lopper. Peter knows his stuff and we highly recommend him.
George D'alessandro
We had a large palm tree in a very tight corner of our properly that needed removal. Peter came out and assessed the work required very well and go the job done with the minimum of ease without causing any damage or mess. Very well done
Cynthia Sullivan
The guys provided an excellent service at our "rental "property. We had some large trees that needed to be removed and quite a bit of land clearing as well. Great job
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