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Tree trimming is not a simple yard task. If you plan to trim one or two branches of a tree in your backyard, it is best to think twice about doing it. Remember, if you do not know what you are doing, you might put yourself in danger – ranging from sprained wrists to fractures or even worse.

Remember that trimming trees can be a risky task, even if you follow safety tips. If you lack the skills or are simply eager to take on a safe route, you can consider the professional services of one who specializes in tree trimming or tree lopping to get the job done.

There are several considerations before you decide to climb the tree in your backyard, including the types of tools you will use, the preparations, and many more.

Tree Trimming Safety and Tips

Tree pruning is serious business, often involving a team of arborists with ropes, chainsaws, and heavy equipment.

It is dangerous work, too: no back-yard gardener should take on pruning jobs that require standing on a ladder while wielding a chain saw. But with a pruning stick, you can extend your reach safely and take care of many routine pruning jobs that might otherwise have required the attention of a professional arborist.

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Fiskars Pruning Stik Extendable Tree Pruner and Power-Lever Extendable Pruner both help you prune small trees and lower limbs on tall trees without climbing a ladder. Their powerful loppers cut branches more than an inch in diameter, and the razor-sharp saw attachments (which cut on the down stroke) make it easy to cut larger branches at a considerable height.

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1. Making cuts with a pruning stick is easier than you expect. The Extendable Tree Pruner’s rope system gives you significant leverage and the sharp blade makes clean, healthy cuts in one quick stroke. Because the telescoping pole extends up to 16 feet, you not only have long reach, but you can also stand clear of branches without sacrificing accuracy.

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2. For branches larger than about an inch, attach the 15-inch saw to the pruner. You only need a few downward strokes to cut a fairly substantial branch.

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The pruner also comes with a handle for the saw, which is very sharp, so you can use it to cut small limbs within reach.

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The Pruning Stik Extendable Tree Pruner reaches up to 12 feet. This pruning stick has a chain-drive gear system: you simply pull back the sliding handle on the stick to make a quick cut and the adjustable head helps you get into tight spots.

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Pruning is not an exact science, and you’re never really finished. The art of pruning involves getting to know the natural shape of plants and working with them as they grow. Take out branches that arch the wrong way and remove crossing stems or stems damaged in storms.

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Trees grown as small specimens also need attention; if you let these trees grow too tall, or let their limbs reach too high, you’ll need to call an arborist for help. Cutting them back every year in the winter is a good way to keep them in scale with your plans, and still enjoy their beauty all year.

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