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If you’ve got an area with poor drainage, plant water-loving trees and shrubs to create a landscape that enhances your property. Plants that aren’t fit for lots of water may get fungal infections or rot when their roots are exposed to too much water. But trees and shrubs that use a lot of water can thrive, for example, at the base of a hill that experiences frequent rain run-off.


It is important, especially when living in dry Arizona, to plant the right trees to provide shade without draining your water bill. Let’s take a closer look at the type of trees that require the least amount of water.

Deciduous Trees

There are countless types of deciduous trees that will grow tall and bushy over many years. Some deciduous trees, such as Chinese pistache, will grow a few feet every year, which makes it a fast grower. Desert willow trees are not considered true willows, but they will grow tall and wide with beautiful trumpet flowers. Elm trees, like the sawleaf zelkova, have a tall and wide spread of branches, and they can grow more than five feet every year. Once these trees and more are fully established, they can easily survive drought conditions.

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees—like cedars, oaks, and pines—are typically deep-rooted and can tolerate little to no water. Cypress trees are also part of the evergreen family, and these are often used as windbreakers to block noise and wind from damaging houses and yards. Other evergreen trees include Austrian black pines, wild lilacs, and atlas cedars. These trees can easily survive during drought conditions, and they often do better with minimal watering. In addition to these feats, evergreen trees may grow quickly and can become shade trees within a few years of being planted.

Southwest Trees

Southwest trees include species that are native to Arizona and Southern California. These trees have evolved to survive drought conditions and still thrive with new growth throughout the year. Southwest trees include acacia trees, which are fast-growing and will tolerate several difficult conditions. Mesquites and Palo Verde trees are also exceptional Southwest trees that do not require a lot of water. These trees have evolved to use as little moisture as possible and survive in the driest conditions.

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