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The first couple of years after planting is a crucial time in a young tree’s life. Supplemental watering with a garden or soaker hose is a necessity, particularly in the first year. It’s also important to prune, stake, and wrap a tree but only if necessary. Learn how to distinguish when a young tree needs your help or when it can be left alone.

Taking extra care of your trees in the first few years a new tree’s life is vital and will have an impact on your tree’s health, shape, and growth in the future. A tree that receives good care in its first few years may even live longer than one which was neglected.

5 Ways You Can Take Care Of Your Young Trees Today

For thousands of years, trees have taken care of the entire planet. As the ‘city-demands’ are increasing, we tend to forget about the importance of trees.

We harm the greens around us in several ways, most of which are so unconscious that we don’t even comprehend the impact. Protecting trees is very important especially considering how one tree planted can keep a family of four breathing for one whole year

1. Don’t allow heavy machinery near the trees

If there is an ongoing construction project in your area, make sure that you establish a single access route for the construction workers to bring in the heavy machinery and vehicles. Further, ensure that all of them collectively follow this route only.
You can also ask them to make a plan that includes bringing in water lines and wire lines on the same route, if possible. Try to establish these trails a bit farther from the location of the trees. By setting up such routes, you can ensure that the damage to the trees is kept to a minimum.

2. Clearly specify all measures to ensure protection by everyone

You must come up with a list of measures to protect the trees in your area. These measures should be discussed with local residents and authorities. After doing so, make sure that the details are communicated to every person living in the area so that they are aware of it.
Whenever there is a construction project, make sure that the company signs a clause which specifies all of these measures in clear detail so that the construction company is also aware of it and plans out their project accordingly.

3. Take care of the greens around you at all times

There is a lot of pressure on the trees. More and more buildings are coming up which results in the contraction of the soil. Strong winds damage the trees. Construction sites add more pressure and result in heavy damage to the trees. Thus, taking constant care of the trees in your area is extremely important.
Despite doing your best on a personal level, there might still be some damage caused to the trees due to various reasons. In such a case, try to contact an arborist to plan the best course of action in order to allow the trees to heal naturally and quickly.

4. Fence the tree so that no one causes damage

Once a tree is damaged, there is very little you can do to heal it than to wait patiently.

Thus, you must ensure that the trees are not damaged in the first place.

Set up barriers around the trees so that people don’t damage it. The barriers will also help the trees to avoid physical damage caused by construction equipment. Inside the fenced area, you can ensure that people perform no activities like digging, which can result in damage to the trees.

5. Contact Root Cause Seattle: Certified Arborists to Your Trees’ Rescue

It’s not that easy to take care of the trees around you in your daily city life especially when there are millions of ways to cause harm to them. And despite your best efforts, the trees often deal with some amount of damage. This is where Root Cause Seattle steps in. They offer a number of services that help in protecting the trees. Some of them include:

  • Protecting the tree from damage during construction work – Construction projects are a major cause of damage to the trees. Root Cause helps preserve the trees that are present on the construction sites by keeping heavy equipment out of the trees’ root zones. They also take care of the trees after the construction by incorporating organics into the soil.
  • Air-excavation – Root Cause realizes that it is important to lay pipes underground. But they make sure that this is done in a way that causes no damage to the roots of the trees. Air-excavation helps in trenching while also ensuring that the health of the trees.
  • Porous Paving – This method results in the coexistence of our increasing demands along with the trees. It is a great method that ensures all the infrastructural demands are met without damages to the trees.

Trees are a very important part of our whole existence. Damage caused to trees is not only permanent for the trees itself but also for the entire planet. Thus, we must do everything that we can to ensure that the trees are well-protected. This will benefit you personally as well as the entire human population struggling to survive on this toxic planet.

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