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Your lawn looks great. You’ve got the bed of green grass. You’ve got the shrubs and flowers. But it’s missing something.

What you need is a tree.

A majestic maple or oak that could one day hold a tree house or a tire swing. Maybe a fruit tree that will be the secret ingredient in your famous pie, or a flowering native to make your landscape really pop. You may just need a windbreak or a leafy tree to block out the view of your neighbors house and provide some shade.

Whatever the need trees can bring a lot to your landscape. But whether your goal is one signature tree or a miniforest, it takes a lot more than heading to the local garden center and picking one up.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the tree selection, planting and care process, and what to expect at each stage.

Your Ultimate Guide To Every Tree Services

More than the air we breathe, trees are one of the things that make our surroundings more beautiful, calming, refreshing, and more. It may just be standing in front of your house, in your garden, or your backyard, but believe it or not, it is one element that you should consider in evaluating the aesthetics of your house. It is an important factor in how you should decide on your landscape. It can even add up to 20% to the market value of your house or your property.

Moreover, it is also a consideration for your safety especially when you live in a place where storms with strong winds, tornadoes, and other risky occurrences often happen as it may cause the tree to fall down. Whether it falls on your house or not, it is still a risk factor for injuries and more. It is also a known fact that the number of falling trees tend to increase during winter. Thus, it is important to take precautionary measures to keep your trees and possibly save someone else from harm.

Here’s what you need to know about trees:

Whether you already have a tree or not, here are important facts you need to know about trees so you can better take care of them, provide them what they need for safety, decorative, and other purposes, and whether you need to avail of tree services or not:

What is your tree for?

Trees in properties can be ornamental, fruit, or shade trees. Ornamental trees are planted for the purpose of decorating and beautifying the landscape of your property. Fruit trees are planted in hopes of harvesting fruits that can be eaten and used as ingredients. Shade trees are good as resting areas. 

What is the climate in your location and what trees can/should you plant?

The location where your tree is or where you are planning to plant it will determine whether it is a favourable place for a tree or not. It also helps you identify what tree should be planted in your yard. You will have to evaluate the sun conditions and soil quality of your area of choice. Additionally, you can search the internet or go to the official website of the Department of Agriculture for the plant hardiness zone map in your area. It enumerates various growing zones according to the average minimum winter temperature. Check whether your area is indicated as favourable for trees. After knowing the description of your area based on the hardiness zone map, there are tree guides that enumerate tree species for different hardiness zones.

When should you plant a tree?

Experts suggest fall as the most favourable time to dig a hole and plant your tree. During the fall, the weather is mostly cool and rainy which means moisture. With more moisture, you won’t have to keep on watering the tree as much as you would have if you planted the tree in summer. Moreover, roots grow more in cooler temperatures, not leaves since you need it to be established first.

The Importance of the Tree’s Foundation

One of the most important things about trees is their foundation. The weaker the foundation of the tree is, the more likely it is to fall. Furthermore, the roots of the trees may also grow under your house and destroy your floors and boundaries.

After knowing about trees:

When you own a tree or after having grown your tree, it will require either aftercare or removal. Both aftercare and removal are heavily labour-intensive. Manpower and equipment will be needed so it is strongly advised to avail of tree services from companies that provide these such as B&T’s Tree service.

Here are the tree services you may need:

Tree Trimming

The purpose of trimming is to promote the healthy growth of trees and keeping trees in shape. Green shoots are removed during tree trimming for the tree to be healthier as it grows. Trees are trimmed into shape for better appearance.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning also aims for the tree to be healthy but instead of its growth like for trimming, it is more associated with maintenance. Tree pruning refers to the removal of dead and unnecessary branches or roots. Dead roots and branches may affect the overall health of the trees which is why they should not be left alone to fall off the tree or decompose. Furthermore, unnecessary branches can grow out of hand and into electrical wires. This can cause harm and destruction of structures and such.

Tree Removal

As mentioned above, tree owners have to look out if a tree poses danger, whether the climate in your location having storms or tornadoes tells you that having trees can turn into hazards, or that your trees have become an obstruction to wires and other objects or structures. These scenarios will require you a tree removal. Dead trees should be removed as soon as possible since these trees have the most tendency to fall. You may have sentimental memories with a tree, but risking lives or your house where a tree can fall on is not worth it.

Emergency Tree Services

Emergency instances in the context of trees refer to when trees unexpectedly fall and become an obstruction to traffic and power lines.

All these listed tree services cannot be done by an individual who does not have enough knowledge, skills, or expertise on these tree services. Climbing trees, balancing yourself, being comfortable working on heights, and the likes are very risky, may require complete safety gear and more than one person to ensure safety. More so specific tools and special equipment are needed for the different types of tree services. Especially for tree removals and emergency tree services, you must call tree service providers to handle these tasks.  You may also require professional tree cabling and bracing for certain situations.. Tree removals require the trees and their debris to be relocated. It would be too much work and danger to bring down the tree yourself or with some relatives or friends, and also be responsible for figuring out what to do with the tree when there are companies who already have workers to do the job and have areas for the tree/s that will be removed.

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