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When was the last time you hired a tree trimming service near Atlanta? If it’s been more than a year, then the trees on your property may be overdue for maintenance. For several reasons, tree pruning and trimming are important parts of tree care . First, these practices can help your trees produce more fruit and flowers, and they may also improve their growth and appearance. More importantly, tree trimming to prevent the canopy from becoming too dense may promote the health of the plant.

To remain healthy, trees need to get plenty of sunlight. If their canopies become too dense with branches and leaves, then this can prevent necessary sunlight from filtering through. Also, sufficient air circulation can be critical for preventing a host of tree diseases. When a tree’s canopy grows too densely, this may reduce air flow and promote the growth of fungi and bacteria. For these reasons, hiring a tree trimming service for canopy thinning may help keep your trees healthy.

Tree Canopy Thinning in Atlanta, GA

Thinning Tree Canopies For The Health Of The Tree

Tree thinning is the removal of live branches at the outer canopy that is duplicating or crossing.  This is done to improve air movement and light penetration. It also lessens the weight of heavy limbs.

Older trees must have no more than 1/3 of live foliage eliminated when thinned. Thinning tree canopies for the health of the tree is also good for the health of the surrounding shrubs, lawn, and trees.

The splendor of a healthy tree can’t be devalued. Trees provide shade to the garden, offer wildlife habitat and create a natural barrier against nosy people. Though, the pretty little tree you planted years ago can flourish to become a beast, shadowing all other life below and making a moonscape of patchy sod and leggy plants.

To improve your tree’s health and for the well-being of lower story plants, you have to sometimes thin the canopy to let in air and light. You don’t have to be an arborist to know how to thin out a tree’s canopy, but some tips are helpful.

Canopy Thinning  

The reasons for thinning tree canopies go way pass enhancing air and light. Also, the method is useful to keep a tree in a specific growth habit, stopping limbs from getting invasive or the tree from getting too tall. Whatever the reason, canopy thinning is a discerning pruning technique that must be done when the tree is dormant.

The objective with tree thinning is to lessen the thickness and number of tree branches in the crown. Crown thinning trees let more light get to the core of the limbs to improve the growth of stems and leaves and stems. More air circulates, reducing pest and fungal issues.

Thinning the crown diminishes the weight to strengthen and stabilize the tree. Heavy thinning is discouraged, as it can incite the formation of unwanted growth, like water spouts. Light thinning encourages new leaf or needle growth, which give better health and increases photosynthesis.

Crown Thinning to Brighten Shade Gardens

The light pruning needed to open up the canopy and take in more light is mostly done on the tree’s exterior. This is where substantial growth has encouraged limbs to branch out and shaded lower plants.​

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