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What is the foundation of a healthy tree? If you want a tree to have a healthy trunk with strong roots and branches, then the foundation for that is… regular tree pruning by a knowledgeable and experienced tree care provider. Big Foot Tree Service has plenty of tree experts who can prune the trees on your property so they’ll stay healthy and live a long time. All too often, people ignore their trees only to find that they’re unhealthy and even dying. “Preventative maintenance” can save tree owners a lot of money and headaches.

Soil: The Foundation of Healthy Trees

Soil health is the very foundation of keeping your trees and landscape healthy and flourishing. Many people apply a little synthetic fertilizer when first planting a new tree or shrub, and then never think to feed the plants (or soil) again. That is not the way to keep your landscape growing!

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The soil in North Texas is not the most hospitable to begin with—alkaline, very heavy clay, with shallow topsoil. Drainage is slow and fungal diseases can run rampant when good microbes are out of balance. Many locations with new construction end up with soils that are very compacted from construction equipment, causing the soil to be void of microbes and valuable nutrients. Often contractors haul off the good soil, and leave your property with less than desirable soil. This leftover construction soil is restrictive for roots and does not foster a healthy root zone.

Urban environments are a far cry from the forests that trees evolved to live in. Instead of letting leaves decompose naturally and then add microbes slowly back to the soil, we bag them up and haul them off; depriving our soils of much needed organic matter that feeds beneficial microbes and releases nutrients.

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Even with these less than desirable soil conditions, trees are crucial to a healthy urban environment. So what are you to do? Luckily, we have just the fix to keep your soil functioning properly and your trees and landscape thriving. Our SEASONS program applies a fall root zone injection of liquid compost with mycorrhizal fungi along with other healthy soil micro-organisms. This injection provides components for vigorous root growth. Organic amendments such as seaweed, fish and humates stimulate biological activity in the soil, thus mimicking the nutrient breakdown of a forest floor, and allowing nutrients to become available for uptake by your trees and landscape.

Along with the fall feeding, our SEASONS program also includes an Arborist inspection each year and a spring root-zone injection for your continued soil health.

We believe in the organic approach so we can best support a healthy environment. Bio-fertilization is an important step in keeping the soil food web functioning properly. Since most homeowners remove an important part of the web (fallen leaves), the entire microbial process slows down or stops. Synthetic products may briefly help correct problems with your landscape, but they deplete and damage the naturally occurring processes happening in the soil; thus leaving you in a constantly recurring pattern of having to apply chemicals.

Take care of your soil correctly and in turn, your soil will give to your trees and surrounding landscape.  

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