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Tree trimming focuses on aesthetic appearances, thinning out branches to shape the plant. Tree pruning instead focuses on the health of the plant. For trimming, any tree professional will do. For pruning, find a professional arborist. While you can prune anything, it’s a waste of time on some bushy foliage, like hedges. For these bushy, thick topiary creations, just trim for shape. Pruning usually gets left to trees and shrubs to cut away the dead branches to promote growth and the health and shape of the plant.

The average cost of tree trimming and tree removal will vary depending on the size of your tree, the tree species, and a handful of other factors that we will go through below.



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Pruning trees can be so much more than snipping a twig here or trimming a branch there for the look of it.

Tree trimming removes damaged, weak or overgrown branches, which promotes proper tree structure and helps reduce the chance of risky tree problems. Pruning can also remove any diseased or insect-infested branches, boosting the overall health of the tree. And, OK, pruning does give trees a polished look, too.

Each time you prune, you’re investing in a long, healthy life for your tree. So, you’re probably wondering—how can you put a price on that? Well, the professional arborists at Davey have a system that caters the cost of tree pruning or branch removal services to your tree’s needs. 


Take it from Nick Stutzman, district manager of Davey’s Northeast Cleveland Office: “Our arborists don’t just stamp any price tag on pruning services. We set up a free consultation, meet with you to discuss expectations and provide an estimate that covers the needs of your particular tree.”


The price of a pruning or branch removal all depends on your tree. When you contact a Davey arborist about tree trimming or pruning services, they’ll come out to your property for free to walk through your tree’s needs with you and provide a service estimate based on a number of factors including:

  • Tree type: Trees come in all shapes and sizes, and as such pruning cost depends on the type of tree you’re working with. “If you’ve got a locust tree, for example, that’s a sprawling tree with a really wide canopy, and it takes some time to prune it right. On the other hand, a smaller tree that’s straight up and down is easier to handle,” says Nick.

  • Location: Like homeowners, trees have to be conscious of their “neighbors.” Pruning costs are dependent on the tree and its needs, but they also vary based on what’s around the tree. For example, trees close to the street can cost more to remove if arborists are exposed to traffic or the road needs to be blocked off as a safety precaution. Likewise, a large tree close to your home might require a costlier prune if extra crew or equipment are needed to make sure large branches don’t damage your property. Professional arborists take all of these factors into account to determine how to make the pruning process both cost-effective and safe.

  • Client needs: Here at Davey, arborists make recommendations for the pruning services a tree needs, but they also take into account the client’s desires to get to the right price. “When we go in to prune a tree, we give you options,” says Nick. “We’ll ask if you want just dead branches removed, if you want to clean up a messy canopy or if you only want to tackle a hazardous branch that’s hanging above your home. The bottom line is that we do our best to take your preferences into account while doing a job that ensures the tree gets what it needs.”

  • Time requirement: Based on the above factors, Davey arborists estimate how long and how many people it will take do the job safely.

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