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Our tree service companies are spread out all over the country, so you’ll find a professional service area close to home.

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Belgian Gardens Tree Lopping Service

A Tree Lopping Townsville team lives and operates right in your community. We encourage you to feel comfortable building a relationship with your local arborist and rely on an exceptional level of customer service. Because we know that each and every tree and yard is unique, we provide a full range of residential tree support services that keep your trees healthy and vibrant throughout the year, to ensure the long life of your landscape.

Trees and yards will be examined by our expert Arborists, and your treatment plan will be customized to meet your property goals. Working with trees requires expertise, knowledge, and skills to complete the job in a safe and secure manner. We have the expertise and technical competence to handle a wide variety of risks, including electrical lines, hazardous equipment, and property damage. We also conduct a professional clean-up afterward.

A bad trimming and pruning method can cause your tree to compromise your home and safety, resulting in a hazard. It is important to keep sturdy trees healthy as well as prevent the trees from being damaged, and our qualified arborists only use proper tree trimming methods.

Providing customer service that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations, Townsville Tree Lopping Services‘ professional arborists are equipped to tackle everything from tree removal to tree pruning, tree cleaning, and stump grinding. In addition to being completely insured and licensed, our tree care professionals believe that no job is complete until every bit of debris is removed from your commercial or residential property.

Tree Pruning And Maintenance

Lopping And Maintenance Of  Trees

To keep the trees in the best health and to increase their aesthetic value. If you face a problem with a tree winding towards the window or roof, don’t try to deal with it yourself, you could severely hurt yourself without the necessary equipment and knowledge. Our arborists and professional tree trimmers are well accustomed to pruning trees with the latest technology to maintain everyone’s safety. Our trained professionals will ensure that you get a tree with health and beauty to complement your home. Call us today for tree service that is second to none.

Palm Tree Removal And Cleaning

A hollow stump and dead leaves can drop during a storm if the palm tree has died and the leaves have fallen off. Trees that are obstructive and are located in close proximity to your home or business. We care for palms in a single, reliable team. We have a dedicated team that takes care of palm trees.

Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding

Palm Tree Removal And Cleaning

A hollow stump and dead leaves can drop during a storm if the palm tree has died and the leaves have fallen off. Trees that are obstructive and are located in close proximity to your home or business. We care for palms in a single, reliable team. We have a dedicated team that takes care of palm trees.

Storm & Emergency Response

Stump Grinding

We provide service to our clients that is second to none, and we will trim trees properly. We have a team of arborists that are the best in the industry, so they can take away the obstructive stump in your backyard. With a comprehensive tree care business proven to be the best in the industry, we manage residential and commercial trees of all sizes.

Emergency Tree Service

Tree experts act fast during storms to simplify tree management and prevent injuries. We are one of the only local companies that will provide emergency tree service following major storms.
When the trees become broken after a storm, we’re available for emergencies.

Land Clearing

With our supervisors thorough in clearing large areas of land, we have frequently completed these projects.

You should clear the garden or backyard before you begin any landscaping, gardening, or a birthday party. Your backyard can look unruly when crowded with bushes, broken branches, or disturbance after a storm. The clearing of trees and bushes for construction is another reason why commercial properties might require clearing.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a dangerous task and should never be attempted by an amateur. Obstructive, encroaching, and dead trees pose a threat to everyone around. A healthy, well-kept tree brings many advantages to a property, as any property owner knows. The study suggests that well-maintained trees can add substantial value to industrial property.

In spite of this, it is not uncommon for severe winds, pests, or storms to kill, or at least damage, trees. This may not only destroy the appearance of your company, but it may also create architectural difficulties. You will receive fast and efficient tree service from our tree service experts. Contact us now!

Townsville Tree Lopping
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About Belgian Garden

Located in Townsville, one of Queensland’s most populated cities, Belgian Gardens lies along the inner coastline. Because of constant rainfall, the grass takes on such a lush, bright green color and the top surface of the rich dirt provides the perfect environment for flowers to grow. Being in a Belgian garden is definitely an unforgettable experience.


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Emma Smith
If you’re looking for someone to take care of all your gardening needs, you cannot look past Townsville Tree Lopping services. Fantastic work.
Rebecca Long
Outstanding job removing some palm trees on our property. They only had a tight space to work in but delivered a great result regardless. If you have a delicate situation this is your crew.
Terri Anderson
These guys are the go to for any tree works we need doing in our retirement village near Townsville. Great work guys.
Samantha Stone
Very professional job done by this crew. We had some very tight spaces and obstacles to deal with so getting the very large tree removed without any damage was a blessing. Fantastic work guys.
Dylan Chancey
Cannot fault Townsville tree lopping services. They were responsive, friendly and best of all, fitted me in earlier than expected. The guys on the day did an excellent, high quality job, with everything cleared away at the end. Special thanks to Megan who booked me in and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Cannot recommend this team highly enough.
Andrea Mitchell
A wonderful service at my mums place in Townsville. These guys did a great job and left the place very tidy.
Allison Mannell
These guys were fantastic. Delivered a great tree service from start to finish. Kudos
Amanda Hartley
Great service provided by a highly skilled tree lopper. Peter knows his stuff and we highly recommend him.
George D'alessandro
We had a large palm tree in a very tight corner of our properly that needed removal. Peter came out and assessed the work required very well and go the job done with the minimum of ease without causing any damage or mess. Very well done
Cynthia Sullivan
The guys provided an excellent service at our "rental "property. We had some large trees that needed to be removed and quite a bit of land clearing as well. Great job
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