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Trees and other plants are vulnerable to a variety of attacks from insects. Without early detection and proper treatment, in many cases, these problems can eventually lead to premature death. Do everything you can to treat your trees so you can keep them healthy and alive on your property for years to come.

Tree Pest Prevention and Treatment Tips

When things are natural and balanced, the process of nutrient recycling, decomposition, and plant recycling is helped with the use of bacteria, microorganisms and insects. When it comes to your yard, these microorganism and insects manage to coexist to build the perfect well-balanced habitat. This natural balance can’t be replicated by any man-made means and when things grow naturally in this manner it leads to natural pest control.

Tree infestation in need of pest control

The ideal environment is created by balancing the amount of healthy plants with the insects and diseases that naturally show up in the environment. When one particular aspect outweighs the others then you can end up with a real problem.

Increase Age Disparity and Species Diversity

Some property owners will keep only a limited species of trees. Then there are people with the property to grow their own little woods in their backyard. Even people with a forest for a back yard are unaware of how beneficial these are in keeping pests at bay.

These small wooded areas that have a large diversity of tree species will be less susceptible to outbreaks of pests compared to wooded areas featuring just one or two species of trees.

Having a diversity in the age of trees also helps reduce the chances of a pest outbreak. A diversity in age, much like the diversity in species, will make the ecosystem more complex and stable.

Maintaining a healthy age diversity is likely going to lead to a natural balance of organisms. This balance works to keep pests away from young trees. This harmony is created as these pests are eliminated by the predators and parasites that are already in the area from the older trees.

Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem as a Pest Prevention Strategy

In a similar vein to pest prevention, there are two key benefit of keeping the landscape healthy. The first is that the healthier a tree and its ecosystem is, the less likely it is to succumb to pests. The second is that, should there be an outbreak, these healthy plants are better equipped to survive the infestation and respond well to treatment afterwards.

In order to keep your trees healthy and less stressed you should ensure that they do not get overcrowded. Much like anything in nature, when plants are overcrowded they will fight each other for important nutrients and sunlight. This stresses out the plants and makes them more likely to fall victim to a pest infestation.

Tree Pest Warning Signs

There are signs and symptoms that your tree is unhealthy. These include discolored needles and leaves, dieback on the crown or upper limbs of your tree, and thinning foliage. The tree could also be affected by rot or crumbling bark around the trunk and roots. Diseases and insects typically cause these reactions.

There is also the chance for damage to come from problems unrelated to pests. This includes a soil deficiency, a drought, or damage from construction and herbicide application. Though a side note, these causes are good to have awareness of.

If you want to contain and treat the tree pest infestation then you first need to diagnose it properly. Call in a tree care specialist or an arborist. They will be able to identify what issue has befallen your tree and impact on the surrounding area.

After getting a proper diagnosis you can then employ the proper pest management treatment and solve the problem.

Pest Management and Tree Health Services

The outbreak of tree pests is a natural part of the ecosystem and there’s nothing wrong with the occasional outbreak. However if you ignore these signs of an outbreak you tend to end up exacerbating the problem and with a more severe outbreak.

If you have the right guidance you can mitigate the damage that such an outbreak will cause. Following a guided plan to pest management gives you the right steps to keep your landscape healthy, prevent the outbreak of destructive pests, reduce the likelihood of infestations, and sure that your property stays naturally diverse and strong.

If you’re proud of your garden and want it to be the best in town then you need to do proper maintenance and continuously evaluate the ecosystem. When you keep your plants, shrubs and trees healthy they contribute to the overall health of your garden.

Keep an eye out for pests and take the preventative measures that you can, including using mulch and irrigation. You can get the help of a local plant or tree health company to find and purchase what would be best for your garden.

However if you do suspect that your trees could be infested then it is important for you to contact a professional who can keep your trees and landscape safe and protected.

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