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When you need to remove a tree, not cut from its root. Tree removal service just for tree decor or tree care. There are a few options you can go with. For one, you could try to handle it yourself. It’s probably the least expensive option. You could also hire a friend or a regular handyman to take care of it as well. However, the best option is to use a professional tree removal service. They know everything there is to know about tree removal, and will make sure that the job gets done properly,  with the safety of your property and the area around the tree being the top priority.

Tree removal is the process of pruning weakly attached, dead,  diseased, dying, and low-vigor branches from the crown of a tree. Here are some benefits of using a professional to remove a tree.


Trees are beautiful and stately. You remember at least one tree from your childhood, don’t you? They can be like old friends who live with us, and we miss them when they are gone. No one wants to have to cut down a tree in their yard, but sometimes it’s necessary.

As a tree preservation company rather than a tree removal company, we prefer to keep trees healthy through services such as tree trimming or tree cutting, or pest disease control, to name a few, so that the trees don’t have to be taken down. With that said, we are also committed to safety, and unfortunately there are many instances when tree removal is the best option, as having the tree pruned and trimmed won’t solve the issue.

If you need tree removal for your property, understanding the process will help you consider your options and know what to expect.


You may need to remove your tree if its roots are popping up through your sidewalk or working their way into your basement,

Tree roots can do all kinds of structural damage, and if you buy a property where they haven’t been controlled, your only option may be to take the tree down.

Not cutting down a structurally compromised tree could result in the tree falling on your house. This means you may experience thousands of dollars in damage! If a tree is dead or suffering from a disease beyond repair, hiring a tree removal service would be a wise decision.


Professional tree removal service usually starts with removing the branches until only the main trunk of the tree is left standing. Then the trunk is safely and efficiently cut in chunks and removed piece by piece, leaving behind a stump that stands a few feet off the ground.

Tree stumps are most often removed through stump grinding, using acids, or burning. A less often used method for stump removal is to dig them out with hand tools like picks and mattocks, which is quite labor-intensive and can be time-consuming.

As we are an environmentally friendly company, our tree service experts at RTEC choose the stump grinding route. 


Tree removal cost can be anywhere from around $400-$2,800. Some companies charge extra for stump removal and cleanup, and it’s usually worthwhile to pay extra for this.

There are a few factors that that play into the total cost of tree removal depends on a number of factors including location, size, type of tree, and additional services. Watch the video below to go step by step through these factors to get a better idea of the cost of removing a tree in Northern Va, DC, and Maryland.


RTEC Treecare is a tree care service company that employs ISA Certified Arborists to guide your tree landscape. We ensure that our teams are prepared with the right training and equipment to provide homeowners with safe and efficient tree removal service.

Removals are one of the most hazardous aspects of tree care. In this area, tree service companies most often remove trees growing near houses, power lines, or areas that aren’t easily accessed. We have performed thousands of highly technical removals that dealt under these more difficult circumstances.

Depending on what is best for the homeowner, we can provide only the tree removal service or a package. Packages typically include the removal of the tree, wood removal/disposal, and tree stump removal (stump grinding).

Tree Removal Service: This is the act of cutting down the tree. When you only purchase a removal without the add-ons below the entire tree will be left laying on your property.

Wood Removal / Disposal: If you would like the tree and debris removed from your property ask your Certified Arborist to include wood removal/disposal (sometimes called “haul wood”) in your quote.

Stump Grinding: Stump Grinding or Tree Stump Removal, is the act of grinding down tree stumps to avoid trip hazards. Rotting stumps are an attraction for insects and fungi. To avoid potential infestation of your existing trees, stump grinding should be performed. Because this takes extra time and equipment, stump grinding will add costs to your removal.

If you need tree removal for your property, your Certified Arborist will assess your tree, determine the best choice for your trees, and give you a free quote



One of our tree service experts providing tree removal service on a local Bethesda, MD trail

Removal Regulations:

Many cities and municipalities have regulations for removing trees. As a courtesy, our Certified Arborists will advise you on the regulations in your city and help you obtain the proper permits and approvals needed to perform the tree removal service. We will not perform any services that do not comply with the regulations of your area. See what regulations there are in your city.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Removal/Disposal:

We go out of our way to recycle the wood from each of our removals. The wood from your tree will be recycled into furniture or mulch. This repurposes the tree letting it live on as a part of someone’s home or landscape. Plus recycling trees is environmentally friendly!

Tree Stump Removal Services:

Many homeowners are so focused on removing the tree they don’t even think about removing the tree stump. However, tree stump removal is an important service that keeps tripping hazards, insects & diseases, and re-sprouting at bay while keeping your curb appeal and property value. Tree stump removal is not typically included in the price of removing the tree.

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