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It can be a hard call to make: can you take care of a sick, dead, or dying tree or should you let a professional take the reigns? While there are many preventative tree care measures the average homeowner can do themselves, there are some better left to the professionals.

Tree professionals diagnose trees as a whole. Homeowners who attempt to remedy a tree emergency may do more damage to the tree, themselves, or their property in the process.

To erase some of the doubts you may have, we’ve compiled a list of signs you should call a tree professional.

5 Signs You May Need To Call A Tree Service

Having trees in your property is beneficial in many different ways. Trees can provide shade that can encourage you and your family members to spend more time outdoors. This is especially true if you choose to place pieces of furniture underneath your trees. Trees can also improve the curb appeal of your property, and make it stand out in the neighborhood. 

But, regardless of how beneficial trees are, there will come a time when you have to remove them. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner to determine when it’s time to remove your trees because, sometimes, allowing them to thrive can cause accidents that could endanger your family and damage your home. 

If you notice any of the signs listed below, immediately call a tree service Columbia SC or those operating in your city or state:

1. Presence Of Termites

The presence of termites in your trees is a sign that you should call a tree service company. Termites thrive and breed by attacking healthy trees, which can become the reason why your trees will eventually become weak and start to die. Termite-infested trees can also increase you and your family’s susceptibility to injuries because these pests can cause the limbs of the trees to fall off.

Termites can also damage the aesthetics of your trees because these usually form large groups on the trunks. Instead of gazing at the natural beauty of your trees’ trunks, you’ll be seeing clumps of white or brown termites.

Aside from damaging the health and aesthetics of your trees, termites can eventually enter your home and eat your drywall, making your home weaker. Termites can also feast on your furniture and cause several health problems, such as allergies and bites.

2. Trees Touching The Power Lines

One of the reasons why people choose to plant trees is because trees can grow very tall and add more drama to their properties. This is especially true for trees that grow many large branches. Although aesthetically pleasing at some point, the height and branches of your trees will eventually cause problems, especially when they start to touch the power lines around your neighborhood.

When any part of your trees starts to touch the power lines—the branches, crown, leaves, and twigs—call a tree service company right away. You should still do the same even if your trees are still healthy because these trees can pose a major fire hazard. In fact, some of the wild fires that happened in Northern California in the past has been blamed for trees touching the power lines.

Never attempt to trim any part of a tree away from power lines by yourself own as you’ll only put yourself at risk of injuries and accidents, such as electrocution. It’s best if you let a tree service company inspect and fix the problem.

3. Trees Leaning On One Side

Every tree is unique. Even if you grow the same trees on your property, don’t expect that all of them will have the same number of branches or grow in one direction. And, while this phenomenon is normal, you should still pay attention as to how your trees are growing. A tree that is leaning too much on one side, for example, is a cause for concern because this can cause damages and injuries.

If the crown or branches of your trees are leaning too much on one side, call a tree service company right away. Trees with this problem can damage your home and other nearby structures during harsh weather conditions. The branches of these trees can fall off and land on your or a neighbor’s roof, and cause irreparable damage. The same can also happen to your garage or shed if your trees are growing close to these structures.

Moreover, trees that are leaning too much on one side are usually weak. During strong winds, these can fall on the ground and cause injuries to you or your family members.

4. Diseased Trees

Trees are like human beings. They need attention and care to grow properly. Aside from making sure that your trees receive sunlight, you also have to water them regularly and feed them with fertilizers. These tasks are vital, especially during the first few years of planting your trees.

But, regardless of how much you take care of your trees, they can eventually develop diseases, namely anthracnose, canker diseases, diplopia tip blight, and fire blight. And, when any of these happens to your tress, it’s best if you call a professional tree service to have them removed to prevent them from affecting other healthy trees.

Having diseased trees can also attract pests and other wild animals that can cause havoc to your property. The longer you have these trees around, the more susceptible your home becomes to pest infestation.

Different tree diseases come with different symptoms, but the most common ones include decay, dead branches, and bark abnormalities. Once you see any of these in any of your trees, call professionals right away.

5. Trees Are Growing Near The Streets

Aside from the branches, you can never predict where and how big the roots of your trees will grow in years. Sure, you might have planted your trees on your front lawn, but their roots can eventually grow and crawl on the streets. When this happens, you should call a tree serice company because these roots can pose danger to drivers and pedestrians.

Roots are usually big and can create humps or bumps on the road. Drivers who aren’t familiar with these bumps can get into accidents, especially when driving at night. Pedestrians can also suffer from slip and fall accidents because of these roots growing on the streets.

Trust The Pros

After seeing the signs listed in this article, start calling tree services companies near your location. Make sure to compare at least three options so you’ll be able to choose one that suits your needs and budget. 

Regardless of how minor your tree-related problem is, never attempt to remove trees on your own as this can only do more harm than good. Instead, hire a tree service company that can safely and effectively remove the trees from your property.

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